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2022 Calendar

*Dates are subject to change

Reminder- committee meetings are open to the general membership. If you are interested in attending please contact Renee at [email protected] for link information

10/06/2021Public Policy Committee
10/07/2021Membership Committee
10/07/2021Public Relations Committee
10/20/2021Executive Team Meeting
10/20/2021Public Policy Committee
10/21/2021Public Relations Committee
10/27/2021Board Meeting
10/28/2021Board Meeting
10/28/2021Statewide Action Team Meeting
11/03/2021Public Policy Committee
11/04/2021Membership Committee
11/04/2021Public Relations Committee
11/17/2021Executive Team meeting
11/17/2021SAM Public Policy Committee
11/18/2021Statewide Action Team Meeting
11/18/2021Public Relations Committee
 No Board Meeting in November
12/01/2021Public Policy Committee
12/02/2021Membership Committee 
12/02/2021Public Relations Committee
12/14/2021Executive Team Meeting
12/15/2021Public Policy Committee
12/16/2021Public Relations Committee
12/22/2021Board Meeting
1/05/2022Public Policy Committee
1/06/2022Membership Committee
1/06/2022Public Relations Committee
1/11/2022Executive Team Meeting
1/20/2022Public Relations Committee
1/26/2022Board Meeting
1/27/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
2/02/2022SAM Public Policy Committee
2/03/2022Membership Committee Meeting
2/08/2022Executive team Meeting
2/16/2022SAM Public Policy Committee
2/17/2022Public Relations Committee Meeting
2/23/2022Board Meeting
2/24/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
3/02/2022Public Policy Committee
3/03/2022Membership Committee
3/03/2022Public Relations Committee
3/08/2022Executive Team
3/16/2022Public Policy Committee
3/17/2022Public Relations Committee
3/23/2022Board Meeting
3/24/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
4/06/2022Public Policy Committee
4/07/2022Membership Committee
4/07/2022Public Relations Committee
4/12/2022Executive team
4/20/2022Public Policy Committee
4/21/2022Public Relations Committee
4/27/2022Board Meeting
4/28/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
5/04/2022Public Policy Committee
5/05/2022Membership Committee
5/05/2022Public Relations Committee
5/10/2022Executive Team
5/18/2022Public Policy Committee
5/19/2020Public Relations Committee
5/25/2022Board Meeting
5/26/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
6/01/2022Public Policy Committee
6/02/2022Membership Committee
6/02/2022Public Relations Committee
6/14/2022Executive Team
6/15/2022Public Policy Committee
6/16/2022Public Relations Committee
6/22/2022Board Meeting
6/23/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
7/06/2022Public Policy Committee
7/07/2022Membership Committee
7/07/2022Public Relations Committee
7/12/2022Executive Team
7/20/2022Public Policy Committee
7/21/2022Public Relations Committee
7/28/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
8/03/2022Public Policy Committee
8/04/2022Membership Committee
8/04/2022Public Relations Committee
8/09/2022Executive Team
8/17/2022Public Policy Committee
8/18/2022Public Relations Committee
8/24/2022Board Meeting
8/25/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
9/01/2022Membership Committee
9/02/2022Public Relations Committee
9/07/2022SAM Public Policy Committee
9/13/2022Executive Team
9/15/2022Public Relations Committee
9/21/2022SAM Public Policy Committee
9/22/2022Statewide Action Team Meeting
 All meetings are currently hosted virtually. Meeting times, agendas and links will be provided prior to the event date. Please contact RenĂ©e Hall for additional information. [email protected]

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